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Head Council is a community platform for movie lovers to connect with other movie enthusiasts and build conversation with around their shared love for movies, TV Shows & Web Series. It is built keeping in mind the needs and desires of movie buffs in order to enable them to easily browse through thousands of movies and be a part of the review sharing community. It also enables you to talk about movies and shows in general and share your views with the world.

We have introduced Head Council score to value your input in the forms of reviews, scripts and other activities you carry out at SCI5. This is your personal score that you earn by being an active member of the community by engaging in meaningful conversations with other members. Every movie you review, every script you write, every follower you get helps you increase your Head Council score.

Your profile is also your personal portfolio that stores your contribution like your Reviews & Scripts in an organized manner for you and other members to see. It stores the collection of reviews that you have written over the time so help you find your work and make it easy for you to share or edit.

We also provide you with a lot of insights that we get from analyzing your behavior on the platform so that you can find out details that means the most to you and also to help us provide you with the custom content that you might find most relevant to interact with.

Head Council let’s you share your reviews to other platforms via a custom image template generated at the time of sharing which includes details like the Movie’s poster along with the review and the rating with details of the user who has written the review. Easy to be kept on your stories.


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